Meet one of our Sk8Expo Speakers – Dan Ralphs


Meet one of our Sk8Expo Speakers – Dan Ralphs

Dan is one of our favorite Elite Entrepreneurs Speakers/Instructors! ( He has a gift for strategic thinking and teaching and knows our Elite material really, really well, having spent 6 years living what we teach. He is also super passionate about working with and serving small businesses.

Dan is one of the world’s foremost experts on unlocking the power of dreaming. He has an amazing ability to help people discover their own dreams and learn how to go after them. His realistic approach to dreaming recognizes that dreaming is not a ‘magic pill’ but rather a new way of thinking about our ability to create. Dan’s passion for dreaming extends to helping business owners and their teams get crystal clear on their Why, their How and their What, a process we call ‘Setting the Vision’. Dan is also the Founder of Dream Leadership Consulting ( and spends most of his time teaching, facilitating, coaching and speaking on stages across the United States to help companies and individuals leverage the power of dreaming to create bigger and better futures.


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