Sk8Expo Session Layout


Sk8Expo Session Layout

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Elite Session: Kick Your Default Future to the Curb – Designing the Future of Your Business

Business breeds chaos and confusion. Getting clear on your company’s Purpose, Values and Mission will:

  • Enable you to create a winning strategy
  • Help you attract and retain great talent who fit your unique culture, and

Bring confidence to you and everyone associated with your business.

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Ironwood session: Generate Predictable Cashflow

We believe that net income should translate into working capital and larger savings. We believe that we can help your business generate cashflow that you can reinvest into your business and distribute as profit. Cash is the lifeblood of your business and we specialize in getting our clients to develop working capital from internal profits and build cashflows that are reinvested into expanding the business


  • Managing your financials – Turn your paper profit into cash flow
  • Stop managing cash from a piggy bank or your bank account
  • Establish routines and systems to get out of debt
  • Use time-tested processes and tools to increase your business’s cash flow

Forward-looking plans to manage your finances

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Integrity session: How Commercial Lending Is a Team Sport

 Borrowing commercial financing can be a very complicated, overwhelming and challenging proposition. Today’s financial markets are packed with regulations and details, which can frustrate borrowers who don’t have a plan. Our hope is to offer the following steps to assure great results in borrowing a commercial loan


Strategy includes:

  • Model It: Asking the right questions
  • Mold It:   Structuring your deal to meet the market
  • Match It: Capitalizing on market knowledge

Make It:   Structuring the deal you want


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