Jeremy Veatch


Jeremy Veatch

Jeremy works directly with CEOs and founders to help them take control of their finances and scale their current operation.  Jeremy has a knack for turning paper profit into cash flow so both the business and the owner team benefit directly from the growth.  

He has helped retail concepts, ecomm, manufacturing and service businesses scale operations and acheive higher profits. Through intentional systems and a disciplined approach, Jeremy loves to help launch new business units, joint ventures or business investments. In addition, he has developed digital tools and built core processes for Fortune 100 companies. 

His fastest time to solve a Rubik’s cube is a shade under 2 minutes.


Ironwood Bio:

Ironwood works to remove the angst in the daily running of your business.  CEOs are alone and lack an executive team to guide and shape decision-making. We work with clients that range in industry but have a common need; bridging the gap between strategy and execution. We are committed to our clients and are passionate about seeing them succeed by working closely with them to understand their business, their customers and their challenges in order to develop customized solutions that make the difference.

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