Robert Reed


Robert Reed

Robert has always loved being part of a team and speaking in front of a crowd. From a young
age Robert always wanted to be around people. The thought of working with people, speaking
in front of people, acting on stage or simply being able to self expressed his self was
invigorating. He felt alive.

At that time he never thought that feeling would play itself out in the the creation of an
Marketing agency.

Robert has spent the last 8 years in the social media world. The opportunity to connect with
thousands of business owners. Being involved in Chandler Chamber for 3 years as an
Ambassador provided him perfect avenue to express himself through teaching while
simultaneously providing value for business owners through inspired communication, that any
person, business owner, corporation can understand and implement immediately. You don’t
have to understand the mechanical aspects of social media to realize its value for your

Robert’s ability to deliver and explain the value social media to any age group is his forte, all the
while pointing out it’s ironic nature.
It doesn’t matter if you are a mom and pop shop, a real estate agent or broker, a mortgage
company, a major corporation, or a niche small business owner, the message is still the same.

● Connect to your local community
● Provide Value for your target audience.
● Establish a system where every client that finds you online is either subscribing,
singing up, opting in or sharing or purchasing.

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