Why Should I Attend?

You have spent years building a company and no one knows how to beat the competition better than you.  But now, the stakes are higher. More people than ever depend on each decision that you make, and you face an exhausting trade-off between daily operations and long-term planning.

As the industry changes and evolves, you will need to lead the way for your company to shift.  While we know that the challenges are daunting, we also know that there is a way to get the details right and to confidently guide your business into the future. Each of the guest speakers runs businesses that have spent the better part of two decades specializing in overcoming these challenges. 

This Expo is more than a trade show, it is the first step to help you and your business own your future.

  • We understand the upcoming threats: 
    • Managing/hiring an entitled workforce
    • Minimum wage rises
    • Your exit strategy
    • The burden of what the business would do if something happened to you
    • The pressure of dealing with social media
    • How do I expand my current operation with confidence?
  • Growing your business in a sustainable and scalable way, means you should have:
    • Vision and culture to propel your business
    • Predictable Cashflow to use to grow your business
    • Access to insights and tools from Fortune 50 companies
    • Understand how to access Capital to expand your operation

RSA members are encouraged to join in on this two-day event where they will learn the strategies behind Ironwood and how to put these ideas to work on their own businesses. At the end of the event, attendees will earn their honorary MBA in Roller Skating Business provided by the RSA.

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